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Alycia Wright

My first Epi last treatment happened on the day of my training. After watching my first models have their treatments I was fairly confident that I wasn’t going to be in a lot of pain. The demonstration at a recent trade expo had also looked like the treatment didn’t exert a huge amount of discomfort for either therapist or client. After all I had been waxing for years and being a red head with fair reactive skin and thick hair I had experienced my fair share of traumatic hair removal experiences.

  • Anne Staps

    I'd wish I had known about Epi Last before, it could have saved me a lot of time and hassle. One of the best investments in myself I have made.

    Anne Staps

  • Tanimara Teterissa

    Already after a few treatments most of the hair on my legs is gone and my skin feels soooo much smoother… I’m happy with the result, it exceeded my expectations by far.

    Tanimara Teterissa

  • Catherine

    I used to have strong hormonal hair on my chin, upper lip and throat ranging from blonde to dark and tweezed the stronger hairs nearly every day.