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Anne Staps

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I had my first waxing at Epi Last by Esmy. She made me feel comfortable and distracted me from everything. Waxing is never without a little hurt, but hey, no pain no beauty right? Honestly, the waxing itself is quite fast and the pain is over in a snap. No more wrestling with those pesky razors for me! For first-timers, I promise you the treatment is 100% worth it and you will question yourself what made you wait so long. I will definitely go back.

  • Alycia Wright

    My only regret? I wish I hadn’t wasted all that money on IPL treatments before discovering Epi Last.

    Alycia Wright

  • Tanimara Teterissa

    Already after a few treatments most of the hair on my legs is gone and my skin feels soooo much smoother… I’m happy with the result, it exceeded my expectations by far.

    Tanimara Teterissa

  • Catherine

    I used to have strong hormonal hair on my chin, upper lip and throat ranging from blonde to dark and tweezed the stronger hairs nearly every day.